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The summary of company:

LONGFENGSHENG MACHINE CO.,LTD. is a sole-investing private enterprise founded in 1993 and possess more than 3 million USD assets at present . We specialize in heaters setted for electric equipments, like sandwich stove, electricity iron, electricity water cup, high-temperature oven and air-conditioner, etc. Our staff number is 480 totally. The energy and the personality of the enterprise have attracted many excellent technical, managing, marketing and selling talents; Our “ simpler and better ” style team has promote the enterprise to be one of the most vivid and prosperous electric appliance enterprises in China . We will insist on our stable style to establish good image in both customers and our partners.

As a new enterprise,LONGFENGSHENG MACHINE CO.,LTD. endeavors to perfect herself in the new century. We have been insisting on the “REDUCING THE COST AND GIVING ADVANGTAGE TO CUSTOMERS ” principle and have obtained great effects, we have established a stable group of cooperators around the world and our stable and intimate image has absorbed more and more respects and concerns from the public.


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